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We focus on the essentials, recognizing their importance and indispensability. At Studio Objeto, we create products for conscious and well-informed consumers who seek a simple and hassle-free lifestyle. Our furniture and objects embrace an authorial aesthetic and impeccable craftsmanship without any sense of pretentiousness.

We strive to conceal the complexity of their construction and underlying technology, allowing simplicity to shine through. As a result, Studio Objeto curates’ spaces with discretion, inviting personal touches.

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Our History

In partnership with architect Arthur Casas, since 2014 we have built a portfolio of over 200 pieces, including furniture, objects, jewelry, and clothing, licensed to major brands in the Brazilian market.

From this work, we launched Studio Objeto in an organic and natural way. The consolidation of a team formed during this period, its synergy with production, whether industrial or artisanal, and the desire to establish partnerships with other creators resulted in the multifaceted work we carry out today. At our core is collaborative and fair work with designers, specifiers, and manufacturers, all in search of the best possible product.


"The inception of Studio Objeto stemmed from restlessness rather than a predefined plan. It arose from the yearning to see what had existed solely as a concept materialize into reality."

by Ligia Casas - founder of Studio Objeto.

"Studio Objeto is driven by the mission of infusing art and poetry into objects that seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. These objects, deeply entwined with the intricacies of human thought and senses, possess the ability to surprise us, carrying memories and emotions that may not always be immediately apparent. By bridging the gap between designers and craftsmen and working with exceptional raw materials, Studio Objeto brings ideas to life."
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Ligia Casas

After graduating in architecture and urbanism in 2003, Ligia embarked on her journey in interior design, starting in Madrid, Barcelona, and later Vancouver. In 2009, she returned to Brazil to join Studio Arthur Casas as the Director of Interior Design. In 2016, while serving as the Head of Licensing and Royalties for furniture development with several renowned brands, Ligia came across a unique opportunity at the Studio—to create and produce custom design pieces. Inspired by this prospect, she decided to establish her own brand, focused on crafting furniture that seamlessly integrates into any interior space, enhancing its overall ambiance. Leveraging her strong industry connections, Ligia established Studio Objeto, which embodies a profound and meticulous approach to product development, a dedication to the production process of each individual piece, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of design.

Arthur Casas

Arthur's creative process, at its core, revolves around the relationship between objects and the larger landscape.  

The approach taken by Studio Arthur Casas is rooted in a horizontal scale, where the focus lies on fostering dialogue in the development of projects that range from individual chairs to entire neighborhoods. Influenced by a blend of modernist and contemporary aesthetics, their work carries a distinct Brazilian essence while embracing cosmopolitan influences. 

Since 1990, the team of designers, architects, and urbanists has been based in Sao Paulo. Notably, many of the furniture pieces are named after Arthur Casas' clients. This naming convention has a meaningful explanation: Studio Objeto initially collaborated with major factories, conducting extensive research into Arthur Casas' past works up until 2016. Throughout this process, they discovered numerous hand-drawn sketches on greaseproof paper by Arthur himself, created specifically for individual clients. The team at Studio Objeto then refined and adapted these designs to make them more commercially viable. As a result, many of their furniture pieces bear dates preceding the establishment of the company, reflecting the legacy and evolution of Arthur Casas' body of work. 

Ricardo Van Steen

After 40 years of work in brand design, publications, films, and environments, Ricardo van Steen creates a new area of work in his studio: Mobília Tempo, dedicated exclusively to furniture, architecture, and decoration design.

"I'm not as much a fan of erudition as I am of popular knowledge. I'd much rather travel 200 kilometers to learn how to weave with an indigenous person than search for a tutorial on Google. The prospect of meeting people, exchanging feelings and thoughts with them gives meaning to my life.

"The convergence between the knowledge of the artisan and state-of-the-art technology can lead to great inventions. I enjoy being the agent of this symbiosis."