About Us

We focus on the essentials, recognizing their importance and indispensability. At Studio Objeto, we create products for conscious and well-informed consumers who seek a simple and hassle-free lifestyle. Our furniture and objects embrace an authorial aesthetic and impeccable craftsmanship without any sense of pretentiousness.

We strive to conceal the complexity of their construction and underlying technology, allowing simplicity to shine through. As a result, Studio Objeto curates’ spaces with discretion, inviting personal touches. 

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Our History

In 2014, a small group of designers and architects united within Studio Arthur Casas, a prominent architectural firm in Brazil, to collaborate on products bearing the signature of architect Arthur Casas. This collaboration resulted in a portfolio of over 200 pieces, encompassing furniture, objects, jewelry, and clothing, licensed to renowned brands in both national and international markets. 

Studio Objeto emerged from the consolidation of this team and their synergy with production, be it through industrial processes or collaboration with skilled artisans. Our aspiration was to foster partnerships with fellow creators while nurturing our own original creations. At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief in collaborative and equitable work among designers, specifiers, and manufacturers. We meticulously trace the origins of our raw materials, exclusively engaging with suppliers in close proximity to us, and meticulously overseeing every stage of production for each piece. 


"The inception of Studio Objeto stemmed from restlessness rather than a predefined plan. It arose from the yearning to see what had existed solely as a concept materialize into reality."

by Ligia Casas - architect, founder of Studio Objeto.